Tiger Woods spoke yesterday about his wet day at Chambers Bay earlier this week doing recon for the US Open. Here's a few of the best bits I gathered from his presser

"We got out there and it was like, oh, my God, there's so many different options here," Woods said. "You have to know. I don't take a long time in practice rounds, but we played in three and a half hours, just the front nine, had lunch, kind of sat down there and talked about it and played another three and a half on the back. So we spent a while."

"Generally you look at old-school U.S. Opens, it is narrow fairways, high rough, miss it, hack it out, try and make a par from the fairway.

"At Chambers, there's so many different landing areas and aggressive or passive lines, run the ball up, 40 feet, 50 feet, even sometimes 30 yards right of the green or left of the green, and it comes back 10 feet. It's a different type of golf course. We don't even see this in British Opens because they're not banked like this.''

Phil Mickleson on the other hand told everyone to calm  the hell down; the course is not that bad.

"I don't see it getting out of hand at all," Phil said. "I don't see the wind being as strong as a typical British Open. They won't be able to get the greens very fast, to where they're out of control. Certainly, there's a lot of contour, but around the hole where the pin placements are, they seem very fair. I really enjoyed it."

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