Just as everything at the US Open was running like clockwork, cue some heavy handed bouncing by official on  "alternate" Clint Rice who was caught playing a practice round.

Despite the USGA saying that players need to have played the course several times in practice to compete on it they also have a stupid rule saying that alternates are not allowed to play practice rounds.

So if you are the first alternate, and have traveled across America to Chambers Bay, and there's a good chance someone will pull out and you'll get to play, you wont have played a practice round?

Rice was reportedly out on the course with Geoff Ogilvy and walking between the third green and fourth hole a USGA official appeared on a buggy telling Rice to get off the course.

When the conversation became headed between the incredulous Tasmanian, who couldn't believe he was being told to leave, and the USGA official, his bag was prized away, placed in the buggy and driven off by the official back to the clubhouse.

The USGA said later that Rice had been told in writing he was allowed use all the practice facilities but not allowed onto the course until confirmed he was in the field proper.

Playing partner Geoff Ogilvy called the incident 'a shame'.

"It's a bit silly if you're not holding anybody up or interfering with their practice," he said.

A shame? It's a disgrace.

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