I respect that Robert Trent Jones is a very important person in the world of golf course design but he's beginning to royally piss me off.

I'm starting to think that with Chambers Bay he was one of those guys who had minions do all the work then swans in and takes all the credit at the end.

In every preview and every time I looked up Chambers Bay over the past year, the man explaining how he designed the course was architect Jay Blasi.  Blasi told Ian Poulter how he buried a "Chevy" under the fairways and I read in this great interview where he got inspiration for the sloping tee boxes.

My desire was to have the golf course played only as a match-play golf course with no tee blocks at all. I wanted the golfers to come out, play a match and whomever won the hole before would get to decide where to tee off on the next hole. So you have these big ribbons of tees with flat areas and uneven areas. The idea was players could choose a spot that was advantageous to them. If it was dogleg left, and they wanted to find a little side slope to help them hit the draw, they could do that.

From what I read today Trent Jones is "slithering" around Chambers Bay taking all the plaudits; he surely should be a bit more gracious to Jay Blasi?

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