Having listening to Tiger Woods say nothing in interviews for years I always think the way that the likes of Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy's way of forthright speaking has been refreshing.

Sometimes however it gets them in trouble. Yesterday was Jordan's turn.  He ditched the new Titleist 716 AP2 irons after one week in the bag in favour of his old 714's at The Deutsche Bank.

"So I've never had trouble transitioning between my AP2 irons, these are new ones," Spieth said at his presser. "I changed at Congressional, the last couple of years. I just went to a new set, normally change once a year between irons. And even when they've updated the irons I still had no problem."
"This time there's -- I had some time at home to change in between the PGA and the Barclays, and didn't see many issues or any differences, so I figured it would be no problem. And then I just felt that they were sliding through the turf a little different and the look was a bit of an adjustment. They looked slightly different. I still think they're going to be a better iron. I think they are improved. But most of what I did was I hit off mats with Cameron. I did some practicing off grass in the off week, and of course I practiced at the Barclays prior to playing. But didn't see many issues on the driving range, but once I got to some uneven lies and whatnot I could tell some difference. My old irons, I switched back to this week, they're not beat up enough to effect it negatively. I figured I'll go with what I have this year, until after the Presidents Cup, and then I'll find the right fit."

Oh dear! It's hard to find that line "I think they are improved" in all that bashing.

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