In the small private meeting rooms of TaylorMade their recent troubled financial history will have been hammered out by the execs.  They will have addressed the fact that brand loyalists have become disgruntled with the multiple release strategy.  Quality and innovation have never been the issue but TM customers have considered it an insult to their intelligence the devaluing of their spanking new drivers just months after it was heralded as the ‘next greatest thing’ by the next ‘next greatest thing’.

The M1 driver release has had to be handled very tenderly.  It’s kindof like TaylorMade have scrubbed themselves up and bought a bunch of roses hoping for make-up sex for their ex-lovers.

What you are guaranteed in this M1 driver is that TaylorMade have pushed the boat out as far as it could go with this club.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were three or four other incarnations of R series driver in the pipeline that were binned in favour of this.  The M1 represents their best shot at winning you back.

Apart from all the innovation which TaylorMade are THE BEST at and we will discuss in a minute, for me this club will demonstrate ‘quality’ as in the ‘quality’ of the hardware.  The lessons learned in that private meeting room will have reached the factory floor as an extra double and triple checking of manufacturing specifications of head, shaft, grip and components.  The club you buy will be rock solid.

You can read all the normal reviews about the M1 anywhere but here’s my distillation of the key bits.  The 7-layer Carbon Composite Crown is a concept taken from bicycle wheel manufacturing and make the upper of the driver extremely thin, strong and, most importantly for whats going on down below on the sole, light.

That “T” Track may well have been the end game for TM’s current rail technology, and planned for a couple of years time, but we are getting it now, again as part of the “best shot we got” philosophy in the M1.  The face track alters settings for fade, draw and straight.  The perpendicular track will alter the spin rates of the club.

Four lofts (8.5°, 9.5, 10.5°, and 12°) and 4° of loft adjustment and two sizes, a 460 cc  and 430 cc version will be available.  The stock shafts are also interesting.  If you want to launch it high yours is the M1 with the Fujikura Pro 60 or if you want to launch it lower get the  Mitsubishi KuraKage Toni Silver 60 or Aldila Rogue Silver 70 versions.

If you are a TaylorMade fan, now would be a good time to kiss and make up.

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A discussion on the motivation behind the M1 driver from TaylorMade and why this might be a good time to kiss and make up if you had fallen out of love with the company.
Posted by Donal Hughes on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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