I was playing golf with Gary Murphy yesterday and discussing how Peter Lawrie was getting on this year with shag all starts to secure his card.  I just assumed after a decent finish in Italy that Peter was in the European Open field.  He was, but only by the craziest of routes.

On Monday Peter was eighth alternate for the event. That's basically a "you're not in the event dude" on any given week.

But there was to be a European Tour players committee meeting in Germany before the event, so because Peter is on the committee, and is a loyal and dutiful guy, he booked a flight to Germany anyway just to attend.  No need to bring the clubs, he was eighth alternate.  He did ask the Tour for an invite since he was going all the way to Germany, but they said 'NO'. Definitely no need to bring the clubs so.

By the time he landed in Germany, Peter's phone rang to say he was now first alternate.  A few minutes later it rang again. He was IN the event.

So there was poor old in Peter in Germany, at the course, with his jeans and Iron Maiden t-shirt, his Bob The Builder bag on his back and his German phrasebook in his hand. No kit and no weapons.

He thought about not playing.  Not an option. He's 111th on the Order Of Merit with precious few chances to make the top 110 and get a full 2016 card.

He rang his wife to see if she could FedEx the clubs. They wouldn't arrive until Friday evening.

So Peter went to the Tour trucks, explained his situation and a couple of hours later had an exact replica of his sticks in a new bag and headed to the first tee.

He shot two under and heads out again this afternoon.   Peter Lawrie take a bow son!! You just know good things are going to happen!!

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