There's just something about Tiger Woods going for a routine checkup to his neurosurgeon Charles Rich and instantly agreeing he needs another surgery that is just unbelievable.

Is it that Tiger "I popped my bone back in" is still just so medically naive that he said yes almost on the spot to another procedure following a routine check up he entered without any physical problem?

On the other hand now is the perfect time to have some microdisctouchuptomy since the only people who will be effected by the news are the organizers of the Open which Tiger had committed to. In the same way the organizers of the Wyndham got a windfall when Woods unexpectedly showed up and played, the poor buggers at the Frys will get fried.

"He committed, thinking it was going to be a regular checkup," Woods manager Steinberg told "Obviously, that area where he had the microdiscectomy had to be treated again. And it leads us to where we are now. It was a really quick turnaround. It wasn't what he expected. ... But it was a really quick turnaround. not because something had to be done right there right now; it was so he could get back to golf as soon as he can. The doctor has told us that's a good prognosis from that standpoint."

After a T10 at The Wyndham there did appear to be a glimmer of hope as regards Tiger playing some of his best again. But if this needs to be done, hey now is the time to do it. Time is running out for Tiger's golf career.

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