Hi Everybody, I'm Dan Haughian from The GolfWorks Academy and I'm delighted to be able to contribute guest posts to GolfCentralDaily.

Wow! It's been a crazy week!

I've been representing England & Scotland against The Rest of Europe team over at Himmerlands GC in Denmark in the Nike Swoosh Cup. It's where Dave Horsey won the other week on the European tour. What an amazing facility.  Even better news was that my playing partner and I managed to win our game 3&2 and our team claimed the cup!

Needless to say we had a great night out with all the players after!

I then flew out to ibiza to celebrate recover. I was out there with boxer Matthew Hatton. He's a really top lad and about to take up golf soon.

Since I've been back it's been really busy making sure all my clients are on top form to finish their season, a common theme this week has been that it's very detrimental to move off the ball in your backswing so here's a quick drill you can use to stop that and a slight setup change you can make to help promote and good centred backswing which will increase the consistency of your strike!

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