Golf Digest's Secret Tour Pro, along with Max Adler penned this strange yet intriguing look at Phil Mickelson's personality.  Half the article slates him then the other half attempts to repair the damage.

Secret Pro talks about the first time he and Phil were paired together; the only time on Tour they actually spoke.
The entire round Phil talked about himself. Stories from tournaments he'd played in, trips he'd taken with his family, random facts he'd recently read about obscure topics. Not once did he ask if I had a family, or where I lived, or what tournament I was playing next. 

And the second time!

The second time I played with Phil was two years later. Same deal. If he wasn't telling us some incredible story or his plan to solve the world's oil crisis, he was walking down the fairway like the mayor, giving the crowd a thumbs up every hole and practically kissing babies as part of his pre-shot routine.
It turns out that as well as being a horrible human being, Lefty has the memory of an elephant.

I forget what I shot, but Phil went low and cut me by quite a few. In the scoring trailer, I'm checking my card when I feel this bump in my ribs. I look over, and it's Phil nudging me. With a big grin, he says, "I guess that makes us even now."
He remembered that I'd beaten him. The dude's played over 2,000 rounds out here. I'm not exactly an A-lister, so that surprised me. Pretty cool moment.
But just when its getting good, things take a turn for the saccharin.

Phil definitely rubs some players the wrong way, and I used to be in this camp. But my opinion has changed. I think any ill will toward him is simply rooted in jealousy. Some players just don't want to believe anyone could be that talented, good-looking, rich and polite, with a beautiful wife and three great kids. He's probably sacrificed some time having locker-room camaraderie with the boys in favor of building his brand. The players who are close to him say they've never seen his wrong side. Not once. Never snapped at a volunteer, never stiffed a waiter, never been small in any of the ways most humans are now and again. I think every day he and Amy work hard at doing the right thing, whether the cameras are rolling or not. It's a conscious choice.

Make sure you read the full article. I think I know who this secret tour pro is. I had the same conversation as this during the Summer.

But I'm with Phil. He's God, whether he talks a lot or not.

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