Safe to say the reaction to Stevie Williams new book announced last week was universally negative. I didn't hear or read one good thing about it.

My post was called "Stevie Williams Book Puts Lid On Tiger Woods Sexual Deviance"; as in if you were expecting sordid details you were not going to find them.  However most went with the Stevie 'I was a slave for Tiger' lede.

But I saw this nice facebook post this morning from ex caddie and ESPN reporter Michael Collins telling us we shouldn't be so quick to literally judge the book by its cover.

After reading the Steve Williams book, Out of the Rough. I'm extremely disappointed and slightly amused at the amount of people acting angry when they didn't read the book in it's entirety. Most amusing to me is the people who say "Tiger made him millions". Fact is no one knows exactly how much money Steve was paid, there's a good chance he was on a straight yearly salary. We're all guessing. More importantly, to those people, I ask two fundamental questions. Since when is the value of your opinion based on the title of your job? Do you allow the people who write your check to disrespect you because they write your check? What people are talking about when it comes to the book mean the excerpts the publisher put out were both brilliant and irresponsible. Brilliant because it got people talking. Irresponsible because it makes the book something it's not.

Mick makes a very good point.

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