The R&A have been meeting with interested parties over the past two days in a big to figure out how to speed up play at the "Time for Golf" summit.

It's good that they've met, but I'm not hearing of any concrete results coming from it.

The unfortunately titled R&A boss Martin Slumbers did come out with some semi-fighting talk about naming and shaming slow players on Tour.

“I think there is a fear to publish,” said Slumbers. “But I think it would be better for dialogue to publish some names and numbers in both the club and professional game.”

I would be better....some names?? Come on Martin, that's pussyfooting.

There also seems to have been a lot of discussion on course design being responsible for the problem.  Waste of time.

Just grow a pair of balls, enforce timings on the main Tours, penalise players, and show the shot clock on the TV screen so the public can see.

Then work on EDUCATING the kids. Bring the clock to their first lesson.

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