A manhunt is underway in Donegal this morning after a group of men vandalised one of Ireland's top golf courses.

Staff at Ballyliffin Golf Club are assessing the scene of utter devastation on the 5th tee box on the Glashedy Golf Course where thugs destroyed the teeing ground.  Nobody witnessed the incident as nobody in their right mind would play golf in this weather for God's sake.

Witnesses say the vandals escaped in a high powered BMW in the direction of Derry, but then again that's the only direction to turn outside the golf club; unless you want to end up in feckin' America.

Pic: The before and after pic of the 5 tee, showing the shocking extent of the damage. 
Gardai are currently studying CCTV footage but don't hold up much hope after someone recorded Countdown over the VHS video.  One local sergeant did get a seven letter word though.
"I had a feeling something wasn't right when I saw the four of them heading out onto the course," said general manager John Farren. "These vandals were clearly not local, they looked organized, like real professionals.  Luckily I happened to take a random picture of the fifth tee box just minutes before they struck. I enjoy photographing tee boxes. It's a hobby."
Club professional Gareth McCausland was similarly unimpressed.
 "The before and after pictures show the extent of the devastation.  The gang were clearly very organized; the toilet paper sized mats we provided were left discarded beside the damage as some kind of sick message."
In the aftermath of the devastation, attention now turns to repairing the damage.  It's thought it could take greenkeeper Andy several months to re-lay the tee box; he works very very slowly. And never on Fridays.

More as it emerges.

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