Serious hat on here for a minute.

Thanks to reader Paul who reminded me it is coming up to the one year anniversary of this video on YouTube.

Even I hadn't the gumption to publish it at the time and have to admit I was very shocked.  It's by a guy called Chester who sets up these so called "pranks" and this one just happened to be about golf.  He pretends to be an instructor who gets far too hands on with his student.  Maybe it's because I'm looking at it as a Dad of two girls but I thought it was just in terrible taste.

I've learned since last year that the lady getting the lesson is actually Chester's wife and was in on the prank the whole time.

One year on, what I'm probably more shocked about now is the reaction of the onlookers.  They do nothing to intervene even after the girl says she feels "violated right now".  Wouldn't you have stepped in to protect the girl? Wouldn't you have rung the police?

Warning, this is pretty awful stuff. Even given that the lady is his wife.

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