A SPOKESPERSON for the PGA of America has announced that a woman, trapped in a glass case for three days with nothing but a golf bag at the 2016 PGA Show, will be freed tomorrow evening when they are "good and ready."

The woman, 28 year old Paula Gronkoziac, was reported today as being "completely delusional" as she paced over and back lifting a golf bag and then leaving it down again in her glass prison.

Gronkoziac has not eaten in three days and is now licking her leather pants in an attempt to derive nutrition.

When questioned as to whether it was appropriate to imprison a lady for the amusement of attendees PGA of America President Ted Sprog told human rights campaigners "to quit acting like a 'lill girls" and man up.

He also said he would not resigning over the incident or calling those goddam tree huggers "lill girls."

This video was posted on social media. More as it emerges

Who said she should swap it for a hoover?
Posted by Donal Hughes on Thursday, January 28, 2016

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