A confluence of events this morning got me to thinking 'I wonder how golf trick shot expert Ben Witter is doing?'

First, I had just seen a post by Chris Wood on Twitter where he uploaded a video of the @GolfTrickBoys hitting a shot while balancing on a swiss ball.  I thought, 'I remember seeing Ben do that'.

Second, I'm packing to head out to the 2016 PGA Show in Florida.  That is where (along my friend Mick Walsh) I had the honour of first meeting Ben and filming him doing his amazing shots at Demo Day in 2009.

Third, I always look forward to meeting David Edwards in Orlando. He is also in the business of golf trick shots and is probably the hardest working man I know. Always reminds me of Ben.

So this morning I googled BEN WITTER.  And found his obituary.  Passed away in November 2015. It brought me to tears when I thought of the lifelong battle with cancer he had and how he just got on with life with a smile on his face.

As a tribute to Ben today have a look at his video.

He was one of these unique people you only needed to meet once but will remember forever.

And here is our video with Ben from 2009.


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