The new Ping G Driver For 2016

It's easy to get carried with marketing blurb of the golf companies. In my work with Golfbidder, I spend my whole life wading through it but its an essential part of what keeps manufacturers in business. You simply have to create hype to sell something new.

With the new Ping G series driver coming out to replace the Ping G30, I think now is the time to pick up a G30 at a fraction of the original cost.

Now is a great time to pick up a cheap Ping G30
It may well be that the new G gets you an extra yard, but does that actually make a couple of hundred quid difference to us mere mortals and when was the last time you hit two drives the same distance anyway?

The truth is Ping struck gold with the Ping 30. Having been out on Tour and spoken to players and the guys in the Tour Trucks, the G30 was universally regarded as a mould breaker.  It's long, accurate and extremely easy to hit.

So if your Ping driver is three or four years old and you're looking to change up, consider investing in the Ping 30 over the new G. It's an exceptional driver, at a fraction of the cost. Forget the hype and think performance.

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