Tensions grew in an Iowa house today after a mother refused to give her daughter $20,000 for a boob job to further her golf career.

Hailly Spondernac, 21, claims she has a legal right to a downpayment on her inheritance to fund a breast augmentation as part of what she calls a "foolproof" plan to make millions of dollars in the golf social media world.

Without mom's investment Hailly has to rely on Photoshop, which she's not very good at.
"The plan is pretty simple," explained Spondernac. "First I get my new tits, then I cover them up ever so slightly with some active wear and then I make a load of five second videos on my phone of me hitting golf balls which I post to Instagram. I'll get gazillions of spotty teenage followers overnight."

Questioned as to the fact that she does not actually play golf very well off a 22 handicap, Spondernac remained defiant.

"Who the f@ck cares? As long as I have a big juicy rack and a golf club and some lycra this is going to work.  After I'm done with the swing videos next I'm going to move into the bedroom to ask my brother to help take some sexually suggestive pics of myself with my puppies 90% hanging out and holding his nerdy Marvel comics; that'll get the forty-something Dads as horny as hell too."

Spondernac contends that she will be a millionaire within 12 months.

"First I'm going to get a big endorsement contract; maybe with Callaway or someone.  Then I'm going to get an invite to play in a Tour event. That'll be great because I'll make more money than the rest of the field combined by just showing up with my boobs.  I can have a great laugh at all the girls on Tour."

Asked where she sees herself in five years time, Spondernac was very clear.

"My boobs and I are going to do three years on a Golf Channel as a presenter then we'll move to NFL. We'll be retired by 30."

More as to whether Hailly's mom has a change of heart regarding the $20,000 as it emerges.

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