I was sad to hear of the passing of legendary caddie Dave Renwick today.  He was highly regarded on Tour and will be sadly missed by fellow caddies and friends.

I didn't know Dave but have asked some of his friends to pen their tributes which I hope to post later.

However I do remember one story from just over two years ago in Abu Dhabi which highlights Renwick's absolute honesty and integrity.  It hurt Rory McIlroy at the time, but I hope today he can look back and agree that Dave was doing the right thing.

I remember Dave trying to explain to Rory at the time but emotions were running high.
The story centred around a McIlroy rules infringement in the the HSBC Golf Championship in Abu Dhabi.  Renwick was caddying for Ricardo Gonz├ílez in the same group during the third round, when Rory took a drop from a walkway but then stood with one foot in the walkway to play his next shot; which is against the rules.

Dave waited until everyone had putted out on the 18th hole before telling Rory what he saw.  John Paramor was brought in, the TV footage was reviewed and the infringement duly confirmed. Rory was penalised two strokes and went on to lose the tournament by one shot to Pablo Larrazabal.

At the time I remember reading that Dave was so worried that Rory would react badly that he even left a letter in his locker explaining that he had acted in good faith and hoped Rory would appreciate that.

Dave said after that if he had said nothing, Rory would have won the event by a shot, which would have been wrong. He also said that if he could have stopped Rory playing the shot he would have but was just too far away to shout at him.

Golf as sport has at its very foundations rules honesty and integrity. Three traits also to be found in abundance in Dave Renwick. Rest In Peace.

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