Let's face it, Tiger Woods manager Mark Steinberg hasn't been overstretched work-wise lately but he earned his corn yesterday firefighting claims that Woods back is in worse shape than ever.

It all kicked off when writer Robert Lusetich claimed in two tweets from a solid source that Woods was in bad shape.

Steinberg, wasn't exactly quick with a reply, but when he got around to it, he came out swinging.

"The tweets that appeared this weekend about Tiger's health are ridiculous and absolutely false. It's reprehensible that every few months someone makes something up and it's treated like a real story," he said. "Tiger continues to work on his rehabilitation and we will have an accurate update at the appropriate time.”

So who are we to believe?
My money is on Lusetich. He knows all Tiger's mates, is trusted by them and does have solid sources. I'm sure he didn't expect things to kick up on Twitter, but they sure have.

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