Protracer: Are these ladies responsible for all the lines?

Protracer eh?

Formerly a word used to describe someone high skilled in the art of placing greaseproof paper over a drawing and copying it but now recognised by all as that cool liney thing that shows the trajectory of the golf ball.

But it is real?

Protracer: Dont leave your credit card near it.

Protracer uses an imaging camera mounted on a tripod beside the main camera behind a tee box.

Protracer uses a custom built CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) that has the ability to detect the ball for the full duration of its flight using our proprietary software. Graphics are then added to make the shot trajectory visible on TV. The power of Protracer lies in the fact that TV producer’s can use it live, meaning you will experience the shot exactly as the player does. The viewer can follow the ball shaping toward its final destination, in the middle of the fairway, next to the pin or, occasionally, in the neighboring state.

Or is it just drawn by little old ladies in an office out the back?

Whatever it is, it's pretty damn cool!

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