Rory wasn't impressed with Brandel Chamblee's insinuation about his gym routine and today he let him know about it.
Everybody was waiting for this after Brandel Chamblee's insinuation that Rory McIlroy was going down a worrying route with his weightlifting regimen.

And Rory didn't disappoint.  It was short, very short in fact, but it hard.

Interviewer: Did you do any squats yet?
Rory: Not yet. I'm planning to. Maybe with Brandel on my back.

Well played, Rory. Well played.
Posted by Golf Channel on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rory did go on to speak about his fitness routine. Here's the transcript.

Q. Along the lines of your fitness program, without getting into the actual specifics, what are the goals? What are you trying to work on?

RORY McILROY: Stay injury-free. That's really it. Obviously I'm trying to be strong but the whole reason I started this is because I was injured. Okay, I was injured last year but for a completely different reason.

You know, touch-wood, I've been fine since. I had a degenerative disk in my back that sort of stayed the same. It has not got any worse, for example. It's always been there. It's always been a disc that isn't quite as hydrated as the rest of them, but that's the golf swing.

You think of the golf swing and the torque and the load that you're putting on your spine. The spine does two things: It flexes and it rotates. And it doesn't like to flex and rotate at the same time, which is what a golf swing does. So if anything, the golf swing is way worse for your back than anything I do in the gym.

So I'm trying to make my back as strong as I possibly can so that when I come out here and swing a golf club at 120 miles an hour, I'm robust enough to take that 200 times a day when I hit shots and when I practice and when I play golf.

Q. To follow up on that part about fitness, generally speaking, the audience that sees you work out, or they see the fruits of your labor, maybe they are not seeing as much -- curious your thought, on the focus on your core as a whole as it complements your back and as it complements the fitness in general.

RORY McILROY: Because that's what -- but they don't see the mobilization exercises. They don't see the other stuff that goes into it, the warm-up. Not the real golf-specific stuff, but the things that you might only need a couple of dumbbells that weigh five pounds to do.

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