The new Titleist C16's must come with Jordan Spieth to hit them for you!

Oh dear what have Parson's Extreme Golf started?

Maybe selling clubs at exorbitant prices claiming they are in some way better that the best of what's out there?

What's beginning to happen now is the big golf manufacturers are beginning to follow suit.  The new Titleist C16 driver will retail with a base price of $1,000 (limited edition of 1,500) with the irons weighing in at a monumental $2,700 (limited edition of 1,000).

Be ready for blurb about "this club being better than any of the ordinary retail models because we can do this that and the other with design constraints lifted etc etc etc."

With golfers leaving clubs due to costs, it seems a bit of a crazy move for one of the big retailers, but obviously there's a market out there.

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