It's a factor we don't always take into account when assessing whether a player will do well in a Major, but having your game adversely affected by your playing partner has ruined many a man's chances.

I've had a look at the draw and picked out some of the guys who won't be best pleased with the pairings.

Herman and Bowditch

Jim Herman got into the Masters in a dream scenario via the Shell Houston Open. But then gets hooshed out first off Thursday, in a two ball with the equally unlucky Steven Bowditch.  Yes they will fly around and could well have the best of the conditions, but it's hardly what Herman dreamed last Sunday night.

Mize, Dubuisson, Streelman

All credit to Larry Mize and his chip in to win The Masters, but is he still tournament ready at 57? Victor gets it hard enough to concentrate at the best of times; I doubt he will be pleased.  And as for Streelman, he'll be wondering what he did to piss of Chairman Payne so badly!

Singh, Hideki and Kirk

Nobody wants to play with Vijay because he's obnoxious, nobody wants to play with Hideki because he's in slow motion and poor old Chris Kirk has been lumped with the two of them!

Tom Watson, Hoffman and Westwood

Tom Watson is a living legend, the greatest icon still playing the game. He'll bring massive crowds and they'll be coughing and spluttering and moving when Charley and Lee are tapping in.  They have the honour of playing with one of the greats, but crowd control will be a bitch of a distraction.

Woosie, Merritt and An

Ben An hasn't been able to hit a ball all week because of a wrist injury; he may have to withdraw.  That could leave Merritt and Woosie in a two ball sandwiched in a six hour round.

See the full draw on the Masters site here.

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