No congratulatory message came from Jimmy Walker's missing stepbrother.
Probably the saddest thing about the thousands of well wishing texts and emails received by Jimmy Walker after winning the PGA Championship was the absence of one from his stepbrother Luke who is missing for several years now and presumed dead.

The pair first met when Walker's divorced father William remarried fellow divorcee Lisa Sky in 1992 and she and her son Luke moved into the Walker home.

"Jimmy and Luke used to be inseparable as kids," said Mrs Sky-Walker in Baltusrol Sunday night. "Always playing with their little robots and lightsabres. But Luke left "to save the world" like all kids do in their twenties and with everything that went on we don't know if he is alive somewhere out there or dead."
The story behind the disappearance of Luke Sky-Walker is shrouded in mystery.  He was last heard of in Texas in 2007 where he was the leader of a sect styling itself as the "Jedi Order." Sky-Walker soon fell foul of locals who accused him of luring local kids into his "academy" and brainwashing them to become one with what he called "The Force." On the 13th of December 2007 the compound was burned to the ground claiming all 28 lives inside.  Luke Sky-Walker's body however was never formally identified.  A nephew of Sky-Walker, Ben Solo, was questioned by Police after the incident but never charged.

There have been several reports of sightings of Luke Sky-Walker in the years since including one on an uninhabited island off the West Of Ireland but as yet none have been substantiated.

"Maybe Luke is still out there somewhere and someday he'll come back and be reunited with Jimmy, Willie and me" the now 75 year old Lisa Sky-Walker said holding back the tears. "I'm sure, wherever he is, Luke is proud of the force Jimmy has become." 

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