Following the first days play at the Olympic Golf Event in Rio, the International Olympic Committee has publicly apologised to Rory McIlroy over misinformation regarding the Zika Virus.

The IOC have issued a public apology to Rory McIlroy over Zika failure.

The apology followed a tweet from McIlroy expressing his disappointment that he was not participating at The Games blaming misinformation on the behalf of the IOC.

The tweet read:  1st days play in Rio over and absolutely nobody dead from Zika. Disappointed & confused. Was I misinformed? 

The IOC then issued the following statement.

The Olympic Games in Rio have presented us with a number of challenges which we endeavouring to deal with on a daily basis.  While we had assurances that the Zika Virus would be ready in time for the Golf event, the company tasked with the supply of mosquitos and the spread of the virus have simply not delivered on their contractual obligations.  We are working towards getting some contingency measures in place and hope to have bees swarm the course and possibly sting a few players on Sunday.  We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Mr McIlroy for the failure of the Zika Virus but assure him that we are working on a new and more deadly flesh eating airborne bacteria for Tokyo in four years time.

More as it emerges.

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