Are you ready THE BEST twitter battle ever?  Never thought that Robert Allenby could be dragged into a bitch fight?  Think again.

Oh yes, this did happen!

It all kicked off when fellow Aussie pro tweeted this jibe at Allenby.

And soon the bad boy took the bait!

This this time you sense Robert Allenby knows the world is watching, and so is trying not to be Robert Allenby.

All that's missing now is Michael Buffer with "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!"

I won a vat of wine, a pair of hookers for an hour and a lift home one time in Hawaii.  Oh wait I didn't that; it was all on my credit card.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.13.53 PM

Face to face. Oh yessss!  McGregor Diaz 3 or Allenby Price?

Oops misspell into the bargain. Not hung but hug?

I thought the line was crossed hours ago!

Poor old Aron.  He's a dead man walking!

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