The chilling moment Darren Clarke was ambushed by pro Europe golf fans yesterday.
Several hundred pro European political activists yesterday ambushed the Made In Denmark tournament on the European Tour to publicly protest against people from Great Britain taking part in European Tour.

The protestors, believed to have gained entry to the course by disguising themselves as extremist militants, targeted players they deemed British by holding up cards depicting the stars of the European Union on the 16th hole.

Great Britain including Northern Ireland chose to leave the European Union following a public "Brexit" referendum last month.

Ryder Cup Captain and Northern Irishman Darren Clarke was one of the players targeted in the protest.

"We are also 100% sure that Clarke will pick Lee Westwood and Russell Knox as two of his Captain's picks; another two non Europeans," said protest organiser Anders Laudrup. "One of them is half American for crying out loud."

The protest clearly affected  Clarke who was said to be "close to tears" as he walked towards the angry fans.

The European Tour tweeted this photo with the words "Blown Away" clearly referring to Clarke being metaphorically shot down by the pro Europe protestors.

More as it emerges.

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