I usually have to make up stuff myself to get a laugh on GolfCentralDaily but heard a story from a PGA Tour insider today that I couldn't really get my head around.

You know the way players have managers that do all the logistical stuff etc right?  And sometimes they forget little things and maybe get a wrap on the knuckles or a dirty look from their player.

I don't really know how to put this without naming the parties involved but hopefully most of you will get the analogy.

Well what if a manager was holding a big roll of luxury 4 ply quilted toilet tissue last week but plain "forgot" to slide it under the door of the cubicle in time for his player to use it?

The player then had get off the loo and make the long shuffle across to the other, not so snazzy bathroom, with his pants around his ankles but all he could find over there was wafer thin budget brand toilet paper because another player had taken all the good stuff the week before and there was none left?

Better still the player then makes a statement in the media saying he knew the soft scented tissue was there all the time but was choosing to make the shuffle across to the the budget brand because it was made closer to his home and he wanted to be seen by people wiping his arse with it.

Bad manager!

You couldn't make this shit up!

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