Bubba Watson about to feel the wrath of Davis Love after his battery gaffe. 

Practice day optimism quickly turned to anger and frustration in the Team USA Ryder Cup camp today as Bubba Watson messed up his first job as Vice Captain by bringing home the wrong size batteries from the shop.

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Watson was left red faced after returning from the store in his confederate styled buggy with a 16 pack of Energizer batteries, even getting four free, only to learn that the lads wanted the other size.

"I clearly said to Bubba that we wanted not the AA size batteries but the thinner ones," Love said at a press conference. "You know yourself the kind; the skinny small ones. Not the really skinny ones. The in betweeney ones. And lo and behold he comes back an hour later with the wrong frigging batteries."

Watson later apologized to the team for his mistake and claimed that drops of rain on the steering wheel during the journey freaked him out and caused him to lose focus.

More as it emerges.

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