Lee Westwood getting messy before the Ryder Cup.

While everybody expects a bit of a recalibration in next weeks Ryder Cup nobody seems to have told Lee Westwood who was not afraid to get the gamesmanship going.

Westwood pointed on the fact that, when he was playing, Tiger was a poor team man at the Ryder Cup (13-17-3 record) and now having him as a buggy driver might not be brightest idea the task force ever came up with.

"I don't know what impact there will be from having Tiger around," Westwood said. "They have always struggled to find a partner for Tiger that's been successful.
"He could have an adverse effect in the team room. People have always seemed to try to do too much when they have partnered him. It might be different if he's one of the vice-captains -- you don't know."

Good man Lee! Nothing beats a bit of pre match prodding!

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