USA Ryder Cup Captain Phil Mickelson will reveal his three USA Captains picks at 4pm GMT (11 am).

Phil Mickelson remaining tight lipped to reporters at home this morning.

It is believed Mickelson revealed his picks to "Captain" Davis Love late last night following the conclusion of  the BMW Championship. Lefty is also to set to reveal the colour scheme of the Team's double decker bus.

“We know who is going to be playing with who, when they’re going to be playing, what matches,” Mickelson said yesterday.  "Basically there's nothing much for Davis to do except to maybe slide the jack in under that bus over there and get it jacked up so it'll be quicker to throw him under when it all goes pear shaped."

Mickelson says he also very impressed with his assistant captain Tiger Woods who himself 'hopes' to play three events this Autumn.

“He is just so full of hope” Mickelson said about Woods. “I can’t believe our conversations just this week, how detailed he is and the pairings he hopes play, the possibilities he hopes for, the players he hopes show up. Not just what matches he hopes they’re going to play, but where on the list he hopes to play them. He hopes he has got us really a good, solid game plan that is easy to buy into and get behind. I’m very impressed.”

Hopefully more as it emerges.

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