Tiger Woods tells 3rd Grade kids how it's possible to get through all Season 2 of Narcos in one day.
Tiger Woods turned up to Career Day yesterday at Limestone Creek Elementary School in Jupiter, Florida to talk Mrs. Todd's third grade class through the art of looking run off your feet but really doing nothing all day long.

"How long is this going to take?" Woods said entering the classroom. "I'm one episode into Season 2 of Narcos on Netflix, Pablo's back and personally whacking guys and I need to get home pronto."

The eight year olds were all very happy to see Tiger, mainly as it meant that mathematics was cancelled for the afternoon.

"Now do you know who this is?' asked Mrs. Todd. "Hands up if you do!"

One child called Billy immediately raises his hand.  "Yes Billy stand up and tell us," said teacher.

"That's Tiger Woods," says Billy pointing at Woods. "My father says that man is a legend. He's had more tail than Peter North and Ron Jeremy put together.  My father says...."

"That's enough Billy good boy," interrupts Mrs. Todd. "Please stop talking and sit down."

Mrs. Todd takes over the introductions.

"Now kids this is Tiger Woods. He used to be a very good golfer. Not as good as Mister Nicklaus our school patron, but very good all the same.  Now could we all give him a big welcome."

Woods went on to talk the kids through how cool it is do absolutely nothing all day long.

"Sometimes I get up around noon, it depends," said Woods.  "I actually have plenty to do.  If it's a nice day I'll hang the washing out to dry on the line, if it's rainy I'll use the tumble drier, but kids let me tell you, that's hard on electricity.  But then again if you leave the clothes lying there wet, they start to smell and then you have to wash them again. And that's hard on electricity.  Life is full of tough choices."

Woods went on to tell the kids his plans to build a poly tunnel in the back garden to grow his own carrots, onions and tomatoes.

More as it emerges.

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