I'm all for a good piss take on any golfer, and for the most part they are up for it, but what Golf.com just tried to do to Steven Bowditch is bang out of order.


Essentially what Golf.com have done is questioned how Bowditch made half a million dollars by playing shite.  Now Bowditch would be the first to have a cut at himself for his own play on Twitter but the piece goes into forensic details with graphs and stats to highlight his inadequacies.

Bowditch was 3.209 strokes worse than the field average in the 55 rounds he recorded last year. Robert Allenby finished 184th in strokes gained, albeit in 14 fewer rounds, but lost just 1.95 strokes per round. So the second-worst golfer, strokes gained-wise, was still a stroke better per round than Bowditch was. Just one player in the ShotLink era (David Gossett in ’04—sorry, David!) finished a season with a worse average. Those 3.209 strokes lost per round looks like this.

Alas, there was some good news among all the gloominess. Bowditch still managed to earn $458,891 last season, good for 158th on the money list -- a far cry from his 185th-best form.

Hang on a second here now. Didn't Bowditch WIN the Valero Texas Open in 2014 and the Byron Nelson in 2015?

Putting everything into perspective that's not half bad! Most golfers would give their right testicle just to play on the PGA Tour!

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