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The art of 'Grabbing pussy' is a hot topic of late so how is it done?  Throughout the nineties Monty was not only one of Europe's top golfers but one of it's most prolific pussy experts.

From ginger ones to stone cold crazy ones, there wasn't a pussy in Western Europe that Monty hadn't grabbed.

So let's get down to it; how do you grab a pussy Monty?

"Well it's important not to just dive in when it comes to pussy", says Monty. "They can scrape like a mutherfucker if you just sneak up and grab an unsuspecting pussy.  So my advice is to feed them, stroke them and generally let them walk all over you for a while until they feel comfortable.  Only then can you grab pussy."

Monty did have one word of warning though.

"Don't for a second think that when you get to grab pussy once that it's a licence to do it whenever you want. Oh no.  You have to go through the whole process all over again every single time you want to grab pussy.  And the older and more familiar with you the pussy gets, the more difficult it can be."

Asked if he ever grabbed the notoriously fiesty Sphynx pussy Monty said:

"What? You mean the bald one?  Don't be silly.  There was no such thing as a hairless pussy in the nineties." 

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