Following last weekend's heavy defeat to the USA in Hazeltine the newly formed European Ryder Cup task force have pulled no punches with their initial findings.

Chairman of the new European Ryder Cup task force does some pointing.
One of the key recommendations of the 16 man panel was that "Tweeting after 2am when you're absolutely pissed as a fart may seem like a good idea at the time but is actually a really stupid idea which will get you into a whole heap of trouble the following morning."

 The 400 page report also concluded that the whole team wearing the same sunglasses and looking like a cross between the Chilean Miners and Roy Orbison was a bad idea and must never be repeated irrespective of the endorsement revenue.

Even Team Europe talisman Rory McIlroy did not escape heavy criticism in the report.  The panel found that McIlroy may have been suffering from deafness during the matches which could have affected communication with his teammates.

The report says

 "McIlroy could be seen at one stage on Sunday straining with his hand to his ear and mouthing 'I can't hear you' when the crowd were clearly roaring at him at the top of their voices.  That's just bad hygiene. He needs to get those ears sorted and use cotton buds to get all the wax out. And there's drops you can get which dissolves the wax too. We'll find out the name of that stuff."

The full report is available to download here.

More as it emerges.

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