I don't think there's an Irish golf fan with a dry eye in the house. Padraig Harrington is a winner again!

First the winning up and down at the Portugal Masters. Listen to the very Irish crowd singing Ole Ole Ole.

The only guy I trust to document the day is Brian Keogh in the IrishGolfDesk.

And as always with Podge, according to Brian, there was a bit of mentalness talked after from the Time Bandit!

“I was in a nice place mentally,” Harrington insisted. “I’ve been reading Dave Alred’s ‘The Pressure Principle’ and it gave me a few pointers that maybe I’d been missing out on and I stuck to those all week.

“It was a big plus for me. I just realised how poor my own language is about myself and my game. 
"So I was very focused on my self-talk this week and what I was saying to myself and very focused on my posture walking around on the golf course and it was a tremendous help.”

One of the key moments. The chip in at 11.

Hats off to Padraig and Ro. Amazing.

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