Just hours after missing a tap in putt and being eliminated at the RSM Classic, PGA Tour star Billy Horschel took the unprecedented step of having his wisdom teeth removed, claiming they were the cause of his blunder.

A frustrated Billy Horschel with his lampshade after wisdom operation.

Horschel posted a picture on Instagram shortly after with the caption

"I told Dr Woods the dentist to whip those wisdom teeth bastards out, all nine of 'em."

Horschel claimed that having the wisdom teeth removed would make him win more on the Tour after reading statistics showing that completely stupid players won 15 events and two Majors in 2016.

Doctor's on the PGA Tour warned Horschel before the operation that the presence of wisdom teeth had no actual correlation to a person's intelligence and that he was 100% stupid enough already, and having his wisdom teeth removed could turn him into a complete an utter imbecile.  Complete and utter imbeciles mainly do commentary and on-course reporting on Tour.

"At least the dentist put a lampshade on Billy to stop him licking his own balls," said PGA Tour Chief Medic Pete Porter. "They all do that after having wisdom teeth out."

More teeth as they emerge.

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