**Thanks to the sh@t storm that has erupted since and in the interests of all concerned, I have opted to pull the content of the original post.  It had no names anyway.**

However the sentiments of the three different irate people on that flight who sent me (too many) details remain valid and maybe should be either read by, or spelled out to, the player when the headache subsides!

1. These people are your work colleagues and were embarrassed by you.  How upset and desperate must they be if they have to resort to asking the likes of me to post details about it rather than say anything to your face?

2. All three expressly said that you've been acting like a fruitcake recently and this was the last straw.  A little bit of humility, respect for the privileged position you are in, and a reminder that you are also representing them and the Tour (even on the flying niteclub) might be in order.

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