The European Tour have voted unanimously for Rory McIlroy just to pick the entire 2018 Europe Ryder Cup Team himself to hell with it.

Rory McIlroy has embraced the American way of life and is best placed to pick the European Ryder Cup Team.
The proposal was ratified by a majority of 15 votes with just one abstention by Tour chief Keith Pelley, who was off glasses shopping at the time.

"Look it makes perfect sense just to have Rory pick the entire team to hell with it," said Pelley after. "Rory is a very good golf skilled person and knows all the best guys to pick.  We wont have to worry anymore about the guys that qualify from the European Tour's order of merit going over there and embarrassing us and making us look like idiots. It's a win win!"

Pelley also addressed the logistics.

"It will save us all the hassle of having to constantly buy new batteries for the calculator to add up all those points and stuff," he said. "We are all golf skilled persons in here, not blooming mathematicians!"

The European Tour further voted that from now on the European Ryder Cup team should just consist of players living in the USA and playing on the PGA Tour because that's where all the talent is.

A motion that the Ryder Cup be just held in America from now on was also carried unanimously.

In the final vote of the day the European Tour voted to disband itself effective immediately.

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