A SPOKESPERSON for the Islamic State terrorist organisation has issued a statement in which it has claimed responsibility for a mosquito attack on the Turkish Open in which two players and a caddie were bitten.

Mosquitos radicalised by ISIS blamed for attacks. 
It is thought the mosquitos were radicalised by ISIS aka ISIL aka DACIA after being drawn to their teachings under a streetlight at a holiday resort in Spain a few years ago.  Mosquitos have a pre disposed Jihad against red haired pale skinned people.

"What? Some mosquito's bit golfers in Turkey? Oh right YESSSS, they were definitely our guys", said ISIS spokesman Abu Backar Ackbar El Shawarma. "Mosquitos are our soldiers being sent to destroy the West and stuff."

ISIS went on to add that they are working on radicalising pigeons to shit on specific targets and hope to roll that out sometime next year.

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