He may be the 650th ranked player in the world but when Tiger Woods says he eats poo every day it's usually big news.

Tiger Woods Funny Pic
Tiger Woods has signed a 5 year deal with a shitball manufacturer.

The newly fit again of body and spirit 14 time Major Champion has credited his return to health to eating a small ball of poo every day.

Speaking at a press conference to announce a 5-year deal with a Japanese manufacturer of shit-balls, Woods held aloft a giant log of human faeces and ate a piece off.

"I've always been into weird and kinky shit and now I'm actually eating the stuff so it's pretty cool," said Woods. "I phoned my doctor one day to tell him one of my vertebrae had fallen off into my back pocket and he said 'leave me alone Tiger and eat shit' so I've been doing it ever since. I really think it has helped."

Woods is the first golf professional to eat some weird shit in the since that Swedish guy with the cap ate volcano ash or something.

More as it emerges. And is eaten.

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