Holly Sonders tweeted yesterday about being "humbled" to be named in Golf.com's "Most Beautiful Women In Golf 2017" and its celebration via a swimwear photoshoot kicked off a row on Twitter on whether the use of such articles is helping promote or simply objectifying women in golf.

Holly Sonders Swimwear Pic
Holly Sonders takes a minute out to tweet James Corrigan.

Now, first and foremost, hands up here I'm the last one to pontificate; after all I did post those suspected Holly Sonders naked selfie pictures some years ago that seemed to be on everyone's phone at the PGA Show but I have matured since then and it probably wasn't her anyway!

This piece is very mild by comparison with pics of Holly in her swimming cozzie by the pool in Florida, but it did kick off an important debate about women in golf.

Chief among those to question the article was top golf writer James Corrigan of the Telegraph, who questioned Holly on her use of the word "humbled" in relation to the piece and suggested that "insulting" might be more apt.

 It didn't take long for Holly to come back swinging only to be countered by one of those matter of fact tweets that should have ended the debate.

By then the back and forth had got the attention of others who weighed in with some solid points in JC's corner.

Holly was not done yet and made the point that all the participants in the pics are accomplished women and, I'm inferring here, the fact that she's incredibly good looking, sexy with zero percent cellulite on those legs has nothing to do with the debate.

By this time Mark O had spotted something else in rebuttal to the "accomplished" point leaving Holly probably cursing twitter that she couldn't add "yet to make an impact"  within the character count of her last tweet.

And there it petered out.  Both Holly and James will wake up again this morning beautiful and humbled and the debate about how women in golf are portrayed will rumble on.

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