Rory McIlroy (like a lot of Tour players and caddies) does not like Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee.  And that's putting it mildly.

Just a bit of fun Brandel. We all know your not friends with Putin either.

Chamblee has been critical of Rory's gym routine in the past and tensions between the two always seem to be there.

Their arguments generally start with Brandlee, saying or tweeting something, McIlroy challenging him, then Brandlee desperately backtracking and arse-licking so as not to fall out with someone important.

Their latest spat came after Chamblee said that the very best players hit "down" on the golf ball, and not "up" on it.

Rory said no. Pretty much the opposite. You must hit up on the ball.
He went with numbers on a 356 yard smash. #FACT

And Stats

As if on cue, here comes Brandlee with the back tracking.  Invoking again the "best driver ever" who is suddenly now hitting up on the ball!

Last word to Rory in this ridiculous argument.

Give it a rest Brandlee!

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