Sky Sports Golf commentator and well known savant Ewen Murray, completed a 100% accurate hand drawn sketch of the New York skyline from memory last Sunday night during breaks in TV coverage, it was revealed today.

Ewen Murray Sky Sports Golf Funny
Murray drew this sketch of the New York skyline during ad breaks last Sunday.

Friend and colleague Rich Beem, not a savant, posted a video of Murray completing the drawing on his Twitter account.

"I had a couple of minutes free so I just did it for fun," Murray told Jim White on TalkSport radio earlier. "I'm actually learning Korean, Chinese and Japanese concurrently during commercial breaks so I can converse fluently with the growing number of Wangs, Woos and Kims on Tour. I was a little ahead of my lessons and found myself in studio with a few spare moments so decided to have a little doodle."

The Scot, who solved Fermat's Last Theorem on the back of a napkin last week, says he is looking forward to The Masters.

"It's going to be a great week" says Murray. "It's my sixtieth year commentating on it. Not many people know this but I used have a real estate auctioneers licence back in the 30's and actually purchased the land in Augusta for Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts."

But will there be more sketches?

"Ha ha probably not," laughs the Scot. "With the extended TV coverage I'm hoping to become an expert in Theoretical Physics and Black Hole Thermodynamics during the commercial breaks. If I have time I might also learn Arabic; maybe see if I can help broker peace in the Middle East. I've a few days off after The Masters so that might be nice."

More as it emerges.

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