Muirfield are set to vote to allow Islamic Extremists become members if they can have the Ryder Cup too.

Just a day after Muirfield golf club voted to allow women to join for the first time in return for getting the Open championship back again, members are now set to vote to allow Islamic Extremists to become members.

Muirfield Golf Funny Pic
Henry Fairweather hanging with the boys yesterday.

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (HCEG), which runs the course, announced that the motion, if passed today, will allow Islamic Extremists to join the club if someone arranges that Muirfield can stage the Ryder Cup too.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, known as the R&A, are seeking clarification as to whether the definition "Islamic Extremists" will include both male and female terrorists before they back the motion.

Henry Fairweather, the HCEG captain, said: “Ya fuck it, we can let the Islamic Extremists in if we get the Ryder Cup.  It's a win win. Those crazy bastards will scare away the women faster than you can say Henry Fairweather's fairly weathered.

The decision to allow Islamic Militants is set to provide a huge economic boost to the Gullane area, whose population is set to rise by up to ten million in the coming days.

More as it emerges

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