Dustin Johnson's club touched the sand during his final round at WGC Mexico then social media exploded with shouts of foul play.

We all noticed it during the final round of WGC Mexico; Dustin Johnson's wedge clearly touches the sand as he replaces his ball in a bunker.

As expected social media exploded with shouts of foul play, but was it?

According to the experts it was not a violation of Rule 13-4. Nothing to see here they say, the club was not grounded prior to the action of hitting.

Andrew Coltart cleared the issue up on Sky Sports by reiterating the meaning of "grounding the club."

I'm still confused. I remember during the 2014 Masters Luke Donald thumped the sand after hitting a bunker shot where he left the ball in the bunker. Because his ball was still in there he was deemed to have violated Rule 13-4b (two shot penalty). Was that grounding the club?

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But it's all good for DJ who has had his own troubles with bunkers and the rules. That Whistling Straits waste area in the 2010 PGA Championship?

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