Public affection for Lydia Ko is rapidly fading after she sacked her ninth caddie then made him work one more week.

This is bizarre in the extreme. Lydia Ko is the (arguably) the greatest female player in the game of golf yet she seems impossible to work with or for.

Lydia Ko Hate Everyone Shirt
We are beginning to believe you Lydia!

Only 19 years old still, she has gone through nine caddies, a coach and ditched Callaway for PXG equipment.

Her latest caddie to get the chop was Gary Matthews, and he had to face the ignominy of being told he would be working one more week before the firing.

He did and helped Ko to finish second in the Lotte Championship.

Ko's manager Michael Yim of IMG said to Matthews 'She needed a change, we’re going with somebody else, but you can caddie in Hawaii.'

After the firing Matthews, now free to talk, said....

"I’m like well, never in 19 years have I been fired, and I’m still working for the person. What was so strange for me, we worked unbelievably well in Hawaii, the communication and everything was just phenomenal."

Everybody is afraid to say what they really think about this.

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