Whatever your opinion of Bubba it seems just crazy that he feels he should have to apologise to a golf writer for saying that writing is easy compared to golf. It is!

What is the world coming to when Bubba Watson has to video an apology to a golf writer for saying that writing articles is easy compared to playing golf at The Masters?

Of course it is!  Any idiot could write about golf! You really don't need to apologise Bubba.

Bubba Apology Video 2017 Masters
Bubba made a video to apologise

What's more concerning to me is that sports stars cannot speak their mind anymore with the media; everyone has to watch every word they say, in case of a slip up.

“What I was saying to the reporter is, ‘Golf is hard.’ So if he tried to play golf, it would be very tough. Writing an article is a little easier for him than it is for me. It was a joke.”

You'd be forgiven for thinking the writer was intending to sue Bubba for his comments. Crazy.

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