What a way to lose a Major. Lexi Thompson was on her way to winning the ANA Inspiration when referees approached and informed her- A TV viewer emailed in a 4-stroke penalty - that cost her the win.

The viewer spotted a potential rules violation from Saturday's third round and decided to email the LPGA.

The incident happened on the 17th hole as Thompson was replacing her ball for a short putt.  A coin which is not visible when the ball was marked, is visible when it is replaced.

I use the word "Cheating" in inverted commas in the headline.  I've watched it a thousand times and still cannot decide.

Yes, Lexi clearly places the ball in a different spot, but most probably No she didn't mean it or realise it and No there was no advantage to it on such a short putt.

Lexi Thompson Cheating Incident
The Lexi Thomspson "Cheat" Incident Involves the Coin Being Visible

Here are a couple of videos of the incident.

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Here is the moment the officials told her about the penalty on the course. Two shots for not playing the ball from the correct spot. Two more shots for filing an incorrect scorecard.

Oh dear.
More as it emerges.

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  1. The lpga officials need to look at all the players concerning coin and ball placement ! The winner did this same rules infraction several times as did many other players . Take a look at players that use smaller coins it's impossable to put the ball in the exact same spot . Also the lpga officials calling this the day after what a screw up !