Vijay Singh used the annual Champions Dinner at The Masters to send a clear message to the PGA Tour regarding his ongoing battle to clear his name over the use of Deer Antler Spray.

At first glance Vijay's OJ protest cannot be seen clearly.

The famous Fijian practicer, regarded affectionately inside the ropes as "an obnoxious pr*ck," has been fighting the PGA Tour in the courts since 2013 after taking IGF-1, a substance contained in deer-antler spray which was on the PGA Tour banned substance list.

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Singh took the opportunity during the group photo to invoke the famous OJ Simpson murder trial defence "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit."

Singh was immediately stripped off his green jacket, given a kick in the arse by Jack Nicklaus, ejected from the dinner and deported from the country.

More as it emerges.

(Idea seen on twitter, not mine. Credit to the genius who spotted it!!)

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